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Howdy Guys, In this post we are going to be talking about Black Clover Chapter 268. We’ve included details of the new release of Chapter 268 and where you can read it officially. Note- This post may contain spoilers. If spoilers bother I suggest you read it with utmost care. We will update the article with all the spoilers, leaks, and raw scans for Black Clover Chapter 268, including the sources to read it online. So you needn’t worry. Make sure you read the complete article for all the details-

Black Clover is the world’s famous franchise. As for now, the battle between the Dark Triad and our heroes has now ended. Besides this, The rescue plan for Yami and Vengeance is in the mid-way. Nacht took the responsibility of Asta in order to teach him how to control Devil’s power. Besides this, the previous chapter of Black Clover also revealed some details regarding the parents of Asta. Was that woman was really Asta’s mom? Or the demon who resides in Asta is actually his dad. So, now it’s quite obvious after the previous chapter that fan’s expectation from Black clover 268 is super high and they are full of beans to know about the chapter. So, without any further delay, let’s get going for Black Clover 268

Black clover chapter 268
Black clover chapter 268



Black Clover Chapter 268 Release Date

As for the record, the previous chapter of Black Clover was published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump Issue #45. So, it seems like Chapter 268 is going to release in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump Issue #46 as Black Clover 268 is not on a delay. Besides this, As we already mentioned above that Black Clover Chapter 268 is not on a delay as per the information. So it means that Black Clover Chapter 268 is going to release on the 18th of October 2020. According to our sources, the scans of the chapter is going to release on 16th October 2020. Furthermore, the official spoilers of Chapter 268 is going to release on 17th September 2020.

Black Clover Chapter 268 Spoilers And Raw Scans

The spoilers and leaks are the raw scans, that are being translated by the popular translators on the internet. But you may not worry, we will make sure to add the leaks and spoilers to the article, as soon as they’re out. You can put your opinions regarding Black Clover Chapter 268 in the comment section below. Furthermore, The important leaks and spoilers for Black Clover 268 will be out on or around 16th October 2020.

black clover chapter 268 raw scan
black clover chapter 268 raw scan

Black Clover Chapter 268 Predictions Speculations

As we’ve predicted in the previous article of Black Clover that the upcoming chapter will tell us more about Asta’s Devil. But again, Chapter 267 ended with a major cliffhanger- Asta vs Demon. As we already know that Asta is in the training in order to conqueror his devil’s power. So what do you think? Will, he able to pull that off? Let’s find out-

  • Let’s admit the fact that Black Clover Chapter 267 introduced Asta’s parents. At least, we are pretty clear that his mom got introduced. So now, as per our predictions, the devil that resides in Asta is Asta’s father and might reveal in Black Clover Chapter 268.
  • Black Clover Chapter 288 will reveal more about Asta’s parents.
  • Besides this, Yuno who got defeated in the battle might appear in Black Clover 268. Fans would like to see him doing his training and achieve some of the power-ups in order to take his revenge.
  • We might see the other members of Black Bulls doing training in order to rescue Yami and Vengeance.
  • As we’ve mentioned in our previous article- Black Clover Chapter 268 will reveal more about Devil’s power as well as Devil Binding Ritual. As we all know that it’s super important for Asta to obtain the Demon’s power. On the other hand, all the Dark Triad users are Devil’s host. So, it’s quite important for Asta to attain Devil’s power. In this way, in our team, there will be 2 candidates in the hero’s team who could use the Demon’s power- Nacht and Asta.
  • Black Clover Chapter 268 may also reveal about the training that Elves are going to provide to our heroes. As we’ve already mentioned in our previous blogs that Elves with others are going to help the mains as a backup, a super-strong backup.
  • As we’ve witnessed till now, the Dark triad is the strongest Devil Magic-user so far. Nacht still has to show his skill set but considering the fact he conquered his devil power means he is super strong too. So, as per the prediction, Asta has the potential to draw 100% of his devil power which might be the only possible way to defeat the Dark Triad.

Where to Read Black Clover Chapter 268?

All the chapters are available online, you can read Black Clover 268 and other chapters in our website

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